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“Combining different types of arts is a very famous thing nowadays. In 2011 I started to work out an idea maybe first in the world based on the fusion of drumming and fire juggling. By this I mean the art which performed by fire dancers and other fire artists who use flaming tools like poi, dragon staff, contact staff, fire swords etc…In this video a drum solo can be seen included composed parts and improvisation. In some sections of this I use flaming drumsticks. Each stick has two burning parts…”



Mixing the concept solo album „The Wondrous Stag”. A few thoughts about the album:
“This album contains the songs of “The Wondrous Stag” fire & drum show which we have been performing continuously since 2015 together with my wife who is a dancer, choreographer and educator. The material also contains some other compositions of the same theme and atmosphere. The album versions sound a bit different than the live ones. There is the fire as the show element during a live performance which you cannot see while listening to an album :) . For this reason, every songs’ fiery drum parts were changed to drum solos or similar parts than the fiery ones but played with ordinary drum sticks. Thus, we can call this a concept solo album.
I invited my friend, Marius Pop from Romania, to perform in four of the songs and I’m very glad He accepted. He elevated the musical quality of this record to a higher level with his amazing guitar performance.
The „Wondrous Stag” is an ancient legend of the wanderings of the Hun and Magyar tribes who started a long journey somewhere in Central or South-Central Asia. A mysterious deer led them towards a new home…” O.Z.
The first YT clip from this album: (following clips coming soon…)

A drum solo in Brasov, Rockstadt:

Spring of 2018. Some In-Fusion concerts:

2018 Spring. Recording an album for Humugur band:

2018 March. Recording the second Oliver Zisko Band video: „Easter”

Beginning of 2018. Performing a short version of the fire&drum show in a synagogue:

End of 2017. Recording an album for Verilun band:

Winter of 2017. Teamed up with famous Romanian&Irish musicians to play concerts. The genre is oriental-jazz. In-Fusion group: Calin Pop- guitars, Marius Pop – guitars, Peter Erdei-bass.
In-Fusion „Oriental Dream” drum cover:

Autumn of 2017. Recording a prog/jazz song: „Mathjazz”:

2017 summer. Performing the full length „Wondrous Stag” fire&drum show together with the Artistica Anam Cara fire group at the Savaria Historical Carnival:

2017 February. Performing some fiery stuff at a gymnastics gala:

Beginning of the year 2017. The song witing procedure of a new electronic album has begun:

-2016 November. Oliver Zisko Band’s first YT clip came out. Following videoclips will be added soon…


-2016 March. Advert clip for a high quality drumstick producer: Dynavox


-2016 March. First videoclip of the band Arkhé. Song called “Fergeteg Hava”


-2016 Sear Bliss “Eternal Recurrence” album reissue on vinyl

-2015 August. The fiery drumshow “The Wondrous Stag” is finally ready.


-2015 March. The Marius Dobra band represented Romania in Europe’s biggest blues event: European Blues Challenge at Brussels.


-2015 February. A high quality event for drummers: 20th jubilee Drummers Carnival in Budapest where Oliver appeared in the main show.

The full review can be seen here.


-2015 February. EBC 2015 Promotional tour. Romania.


-2014 December. Making the album of the band Arkhé.


-2014 Winter. DeProfundis album finally came out.


-2014 Autumn. Join the popular Muzikfabrik band for a funky-group version.


-2014 Summer. Appearance at Sziget Festival with Magma Firetheater.


-2014 Spring. Burning drumsticks. Making the promotional video.


Earlier posts:

-2012. Making an endorsement video for NATAL drums.

-2010. Making a DVD for the 10th anniversary issue of the Hungarian Drummer Magazine.

-2009. Making the DVD and CD “100% drumming”


-2006. Making the score book and audio CD “Improvisation. Technical exercises for drumset.” Available in hungarian language only.