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“Combining different types of arts is a very famous thing nowadays. In 2011 I started to work out an idea maybe first in the world based on the fusion of drumming and fire juggling. By this I mean the art which performed by fire dancers and other fire artists who use flaming tools like poi, dragon staff, contact staff, fire swords etc…In this video a drum solo can be seen included composed parts and improvisation. In some sections of this I use flaming drumsticks. Each stick has two burning parts…”



-2016 November. Oliver Zisko Band’s first YT clip came out. Following videoclips will be added soon…


-2016 March. Advert clip for a high quality drumstick producer: Dynavox


-2016 March. First videoclip of the band Arkhé. Song called “Fergeteg Hava”


-2016 Sear Bliss “Eternal Recurrence” album reissue on vinyl

-2015 August. Fire show named “The Wondrous Stag” finally ready.


-2015 March. The Marius Dobra band represented Romania in Europe’s biggest blues event: European Blues Challenge at Brussels.


-2015 February. A high quality event for drummers: 20th jubilee Drummers Carnival in Budapest where Oliver appeared in the main show.

The full review can be seen here.


-2015 February. EBC 2015 Promotional tour. Romania.


-2014 December. Making the album of the band Arkhé.


-2014 Winter. DeProfundis album finally came out.


-2014 Autumn. Join the popular Muzikfabrik band.


-2014 Summer. Appearance at Sziget Festival with Magma Firetheater.


-2014 Spring. Burning drumsticks. Making the promotional video.


Earlier posts:

-2012. Making an endorsement video for NATAL drums.

-2010. Making a DVD for the 10th anniversary issue of the Hungarian Drummer Magazine.

-2009. Making the DVD and CD “100% drumming”

-2006. Making the score book and audio CD “Improvisation. Technical exercises for drumset.” Available in hungarian language only.